Our Partner Miratech offers Turn-key Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions encompass the entire IT stack of services for your operations or product development, including:

Team Extensions, a rapid solution to the challenge of expanding your technical capacity and/or skills.

Managed Engagements include team management (creation, operation, growth and leadership) as well as performance and delivery.

Miratech brings added value due to extensive cross training, redundancy, scalability, best practices, and “fractional FTEs” within proprietary Managed Competence Center® framework, and the disruptive 4th quadrant Value Innovation Partnership Model.

core deliverable

Turn-Key IT: Enterprise Operations

  • Transformation & Innovation
  • Vision
  • Roadmap
  • Budgeting
  • Execution
  • Internal Apps
  • Client Apps
  • Vendor Mgmt
  • IT portfolio Mgmt
value / solution
  • Focus on the companies core deliverables and value
  • Leverage new technologies & best practices
  • Optimize use of capital
  • Guarantee Alignment
core deliverable

Turn-Key R & D: Product Development

  • Design
  • Architect
  • Plan
  • Build
  • Full life cycle support
  • DevOps
value / solution
  • Focus on company vision and meeting customer and market needs
  • Product Mgmt
  • Improve Speed to Market
  • Reduce Risk
  • Beat market performance (by 30%)
  • Implement Best Practices
core deliverable

Turn-Key Professional Services: Implementation, Customization & Integration

  • Solution Implementation
  • Systems Integration
  • One-off Customization
  • Client Support
  • T3 Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • User Training
  • Partner Ecosystem support
value / solution
  • Focus on product excellence and leadership
  • Faster product acceptance
  • Insure proper deployment and integration
  • Assure Customer Satisfaction
  • Support low margin opps.
  • Support client MVP
  • Scalability